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Sculpting the barnyard gene pool

Author: Gina Childers, Kim Wolfe, Alan Dupree, Sheila Young, Jessica Caver, Ruby Quintanilla, and Laura Thornton

Year: 2016


Project-based learning (PBL) isn’t solely a student creating a PowerPoint about photosynthesis in biology class, designing a periodic table poster in chemistry, or constructing a papier–mâché volcano in Earth science. PBL takes student engagement to a higher level through reflective collaboration, inquiry, critical thinking, problem solving, and personal relevance. This article explains how six high school teachers developed an interconnected, interdisciplinary STEM-focused PBL called Sculpting the Barnyard Gene Pool. The objective was to engage students in an authentic learning experience by immersing them in the biological and engineering worlds of chicken genetics, chicken hatcheries, and livestock industry involvement.

Keyword: Project based learning, STEM, 

Referanse: Childers, G., Wolfe, K., Dupree, A., Young, S., Caver, J., Quintanilla, R., & Thornton, L. (2016). Sculpting the barnyard gene pool: Immersing students in the science and engineering of chicken genetics and hatcheries. The Science Teacher, 83(7), 49.

Tag: biologi, naturfag, prosjektbasert læring, problembasert læring