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Applying a Quiz-Show Style Game To Facilitate Effective Chemistry Lexical Communication

Author: Sam Boon Kiat Koh and Fun Man Fung

Year: 2018


A mobile application game has been adapted to teach students about laboratory instruments, glassware, apparatus, and techniques. The game was designed with reference to a popular icebreaker game, “Charades!”, to ensure that it was easily accessible to students. Students will hold a mobile phone just above their forehead, which will then flash the name of a particular type of apparatus or an analytical technique. They deduce the answer based on the description given by their team members. The gamified approach is a relaxing alternative to traditional didactic recitations. This strategy is effective because it requires students to communicate openly through deliberate practice with their teammates. We call this game ChemCharades.

Keywords: High School/Introductory Chemistry, First-Year Undergraduate/General, Second-Year Undergraduate, General Public, Internet/Web-Based Learning, Analytical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Laboratory Instruction, Collaborative/Cooperative Learning, Communication/Writing, Computer-Based Learning, Humor/Puzzles/Games

Referanse: Koh, S. B. K., & Fung, F. M. (2018). Applying a quiz-show style game to facilitate effective chemistry lexical communication. Journal of Chemical Education, 95(11), 1996-1999.

Tag: kjemi, teknologistøttet læring, samarbeidslæring