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Chemical Alias: An Engaging Way To Examine Nomenclature

Author: Mikhail Kurushkin and Maria Mikhaylenko

Year: 2015


An educational card game, “Chemical Alias”, has been developed as an alternative method of reviewing students’ knowledge of nomenclature. In contrast to conventional tests, this highly competitive activity is a fun and effective way to examine and reinforce nomenclature. The students play in pairs, using Clark’s famous spiral arrangement of the elements as the board and cards with chemical formulas. One of the students names the chemical compounds and the other answers with their chemical formulas. The counters are moved through the elements according to the number of correct answers.

Keywords: High School/Introductory Chemistry, First-Year Undergraduate/General, Inorganic Chemistry, Collaborative/Cooperative Learning, Humor/Puzzles/Games, Nomenclature/Units/Symbols

Referanse: Kakisako, M., Nishikawa, K., Nakano, M., Harada, K. S., Tatsuoka, T., & Koga, N. (2016). Stepwise inquiry into hard water in a high school chemistry laboratory. Journal of Chemical Education, 93(11), 1923-1928.

Tag: kjemi, samarbeidslæring