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Jigsaw: Using Cooperative Learning in Teaching Organic Functions

Author: Brenno R. M. Oliveira, André L. Vailati, Edinara Luiz, Fabrine G. Böll, and Samuel R. Mendes

Year: 2019


This study discusses the potential of the Jigsaw cooperative method in the teaching of organic chemistry. Such an approach was used in five classes with Brazilian secondary school students. Results indicate better learning regarding the development of knowledge about the nomenclature, application, and identification of functional groups at the beginning and at the end of cooperative work classes. Therefore, the Jigsaw method is an important didactic strategy to potentialize the learning of chemistry.

Key words: General Public, Chemistry Education Research, Organic Chemistry, Collaborative/Cooperative Learning

Referanse: Oliveira, B. R., Vailati, A. L., Luiz, E., Boll, F. G., & Mendes, S. R. (2019). Jigsaw: using cooperative learning in teaching organic functions. Journal of Chemical Education, 96(7), 1515-1518.

Tag: kjemi, samarbeidslæring, puslespillmetoden