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Orbital Battleship: A Guessing Game to Reinforce Atomic Structure

Author: Mikhail Kurushkin and Maria Mikhaylenko

Year: 2016


A competitive educational guessing game “Orbital Battleship” which reinforces Madelung’s and Hund’s rules, values of quantum numbers, and understanding of periodicity was designed. The game develops strategic thinking, is not time-consuming, requires minimal preparation and supervision, and is an efficient and fun alternative to more traditional forms of education.

Keywords: High School, Introductory Chemistry, First-Year Undergraduate, General, Physical Chemistry, Collaborative, Cooperative Learning, Humor, Puzzles, Games, Atomic Properties/Structure

Referanse: Kurushkin, M., & Mikhaylenko, M. (2016). Orbital Battleship: A guessing game to reinforce atomic structure. Journal of chemical education, 93(9), 1595-1598.

Tag: kjemi, samarbeidslæring